Regina Daniels’s Husband Sues Man Who Claimed He Had A ‘Fetish’ For Virgins

ReRegina Daniels's Husband Sues gina Daniels's Husband Sues
Regina Daniels’s Husband Sues

Regina Daniels’s husband Ned Nwoko has begin guns blazing against an individual who claimed he had a ‘fetish’ for young virgins…

The 59-year-old spouse of 19-year-old Regina, recently caused outrage when he said that one of the reasons he chose to wed his young bride was because she was ‘decent’ and a ‘virgin’. He also revealed that being a virgin was a prerequisite for all five of his wives.

But after facing backlash for his comments, Ned has threatened to sue one tweep – a journalist named Azuka Jebose – who called the billionaire businessman’ a “sick, dirty old b*****d”.

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Azuka wrote during a social media post; “Ned Nwoko could also be a sick, dirty old b*****d. He married her and his ex-wives because they were virgins. Now that Regina isn’t any more a virgin, how long shall the marriage last? These statements suggest that Ned could also be a fetish and a cultist. he’s also, by his confession, a sick man-child… Married your wife because she could also be a damn virgin? Irresponsible and stupid statement”.

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Azuka also accused Ned of covering up the death of an individual who died on his property. In several other posts, Azuka accuses Ned of being ‘corrupt’ and being in favour with Nigerian police.

Now Ned has clapped back at his critic with a N2 million defamation lawsuit. Ned also demands that Azuka issue a public apology, of which should be printed during a minimum of two national newspapers and on social media.

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Azuka skilled the claims, telling The Premium Times; ““He (Mr Nwoko) thinks he can intimidate everyone but i can not be intimidated.”

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