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Moshe Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki may be a vlogger, content creator, actor, presenter, MC and influencer. Holding many titles to his name, Moshe started off by uploading videos on YouTube and tiny did he know that was his ticket to fame.

The media personality has been within the show business for a few of years and he has managed to show his popularity into a solid career.

Today, he’s one among SA’s top entertainers whose on-screen presence is what viewers keep begging for.

Here’s a glance at his biography

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo

Television host Moshe Ndiki, announced his bae to Mzansi, Phelo Bala and ever since the 2 haven’t stopped gushing over one another . The couple who got engaged in September 2019 have also had their justifiable share of ups and downs.

All seemed cosy within the relationship, but 2020 revealed another story because it was reported there was trouble in paradise. However, Moshe Ndiki came out guns blazing to line the records straight on their troubled relationship problems with Phelo Bala.

According to the Sunday tabloid, Phelo was assaulted by Moshe Ndiki, and he had to get an interim writ , but Moshe Ndiki had another story.

In his court papers, Moshe claimed that over the past few months the connection had become abusive with Phelo assaulting him on several occasions. He claimed that Phelo had a drinking problem, and always starts fights after he’s had an excessive amount of to booze.

Moshe denied the allegations that he assaulted Phelo and he released the subsequent statement.

When Moshe Ndiki was contacted to clarify the matter, he said they’re fine with Phelo, but Phelo said that was the primary lie, and said the second lie was calling him “My Phelo” within the statement which he has since deleted.

Could there more to the present story, than what’s being let on?

Moshe Ndiki Age

He was born Moshe Obama on 9th March 1987. he’s 33 years old.
Moshe Ndiki Family

Moshelle Obama; Moshe Ndiki’s real name, was born in East London within the uk .

Growing up during a loving family, Moshe Ndiki always posts what proportion he appreciates his mother and every one that she’s finished him.

Moshe Ndiki has also had an in depth relationship together with his dad and he when he came out about his sexuality his father was quite welcoming, which actually took him all of sudden .

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The beauty about this is often that Moshe Ndiki and his father had never really conversed about the subject of dating or about him being gay, so for his father to possess responded in such a positive manner was quite Moshe Ndiki could have asked for.

Moshe Ndiki tweeted: “So I tricked my dad and told him about “my boyfriend” we’ve never really spoke about dating and me being gay. So i used to be just testing the waters and this was his reply. Is it weird that I desire crying? Like both my parents are fully supportive.”

Sadly in 2020, Moshe Ndiki lost his grandmother. during a long and emotionally post, he said he had lost a pillar of his strength, a friend, and a granny. Although the presenter didn’t reveal his grandmother’s explanation for death, he said he was angry at his loss, and reminisces all of the fond memories they shared.

He further thanked his granny for always being there for him and loving him whole-heartedly.
Moshe Ndiki Education

Moshe Ndiki attended City Varsity where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree, namely a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Acting for Camera.

Moshe Ndiki Career

Moshe Ndiki started by posting fun content on YouTube and these were videos of him making fun of everyone, including celebrities also as himself. Little did he know the reception he was getting to receive would be positive and this is able to open opportunities for him to try to to comedy

He’s appeared on variety of top South African shows including VEntertainment, The V-Table, UyangthandaNa and therefore the Queen.
In 2016, additionally to the present , Moshe Ndiki scored a task on the favored telenovela, The Queen playing Prince.

Moshe Ndiki also took the time to venture into music and he even released one , Choza in 2017. He said his single was inspired by the treatment he always received as a shirtlifter living in South Africa .

“My vibe is begin your shoes and dance, it is a blast vibe. My song is really a mirrored image of a diva side of me. As a shirtlifter living in South Africa , everytime i’m going to a friend’s house or an occasion , people will treat me normally as long as they think i’m a second banana . But as soon as they discover that i’m guy, then I’m suddenly everyone’s friend. But, I absolutely hate that, i’m not your friend. i’m my friend’s friend not yours,” he said.

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In 2018, Moshe Ndiki took the role of the presenter of Uyangthanda Na. Produced by Thomas Gumede, Lungile Radu and Siyabonga Ngwekazi’s Parental Advisory Productions, Uyang’thanda Na? may be a reality dating show where lonely hopefuls confess their love for his or her crush.

Each episode concludes with a verdict from the admired where they get to answer the very pertinent question: Uyang’thanda Na?

Moshe Ndiki announced in 2019, that he was joining the Metro FM family.

He keeps securing the bag.

Moshe Ndiki Awards and Nominations

Although Moshe Ndiki has not been present within the entertainment space for an extended time, his work however has proven that he’s great at what he does.

Here’a list of the awards he’s won and been nominated for.

2016 – Most Influential Vlogger at the Youth Influencer Awards (YIA) (won)
2019 – Cutest few the Year at the Feather Awards (nomination)
2020 – Favourite TV Presenter the DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards (won)

Moshe Ndiki Business

Moshe Ndiki has come an extended way from his days as a YouTuber. The actor and television presenter won many hearts together with his authentic and funny YouTube clips and continues to realize thousands of fans across the country.

In 2018, he announced that he was starting his own production where he would be creating his own content.

I’ve started my very own production company. And yeah, like I’m working around a cooking show, 13-part drama series, and I’m also getting to be launching a ‘something range’ yeah, but it’s need to do with food. it’d be a spice range, it’d be an apron range,” he revealed on Afternoon Express.

Moshe Ndiki Controversy

Some love him and a few hate him, but he really doesn’t care because…well…he’s Moshe Ndiki and he does and says what he feels.

The #UyangthandaNa presenter and actor had many of his followers rolling on the ground with laughter after he described how one among his ex’s fling smelt like and let’s just say it got really dirty.

Moshe Ndiki didn’t mince his words as he described the fling’s odour.

On another occassion, Moshe Ndiki took to the Twitter timeline to share some images from his time at initiation school with acute memory about the nickname he had while there.

Considering the uproar that ensued following the discharge of the award winning film, Inxeba, it had been only a matter of your time before an equivalent happened to Moshe Ndiki because it is not any secret that everything that happens “in the mountain” is meant to be a secret.
While many found his post amusing and endearing, there have been those that took an equivalent stance as opponents of the film.

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However, Moshe Ndiki had an aesthetic response for people who felt offended by his post.
But it had been this explicit clapback during which he compared one Twitter user to an uncircumcised penis that shut everything down. Ouch!!!

Moshe Ndiki has crossed paths with Ntsiki and let’s just say it had been not pretty. Ntsiki blasted Moshe Ndiki for a tirade he launched against her on an episode of the Morning Flava, Metro FM’s breakfast show, where he took a flash to tug the poet for what her body seems like . He appeared to be reacting to a number of Ntsiki’s nudes and he really had nothing nice to mention about her body.

Not only did Moshe Ndiki repeat the tired jokes about Ntsiki not bathing, he continued to suggest that her body was unattractive and lots of of the listeners who were tuned in weren’t impressed.
Ntsiki was deeply offended and she or he wasted no time in getting into touch with Metro FM’s station manager. While they apologised to her privately, they went on to “protect” Moshe and Ntsiki was left to select up the pieces.

Moshe Ndiki Brand Endorsements

Moshe Ndiiki definitely knows the way to stay within the right lane and keep securing the bag.

In 2019, he was announced because the brand ambassador for Telkom and he couldn’t contain his excitement as he went on to share the news on Twitter.
Moshe Ndiki Car & House

The Queen actor blessed himself with a fresh SUV and taking to Instagram, he shared the snaps together with his fans.
Fresh from his car purchase, Moshe Ndiki achieved another milestone by purchasing a house. Taking to Twitter, he announced that he’s a proud homeowner.

Don’t we all want to be homeowners!
Through all his work, Moshe Ndiki’s advice to several has been ‘You are the most ingredient to your success.’ Moshe Ndiki has been nothing, but determined to stay working hard and growing his brand.


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