Fikile Mbalula slammed for ‘distasteful’ comments

Fikile Mbalula slammed for ‘distasteful
Fikile Mbalula slammed for ‘distasteful

Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula has been under attack after a comment he made at his media briefing on Thursday.

In his briefing to the media and South Africans, he spoke on his department’s latest measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Mbalula is receiving backlash for what media has perceived as an insensitive Covid-19 “joke”.

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However, Mbalula warned that the virus is not any longer a “theory”.

Mbalula said: “It hits reception , takes your wife while you’re busy talking within the streets, ‘Mbalula Minister of Transport, yada-yada,’ Nozuko dies reception .”

A social media user criticized Mbalula, saying: “This may be a slap within the face to everyone who gave up the ghost from the virus and therefore the survivors who fought tooth and nail to survive Covid-19. Families are grieving due to this thing. So insensitive.”

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Another user called the video “distasteful”, saying there was nothing funny about death.

Watch video below:

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