President Cyril Ramaphosa – We are at war and rights will be restricted

President Cyril Ramaphosa
President Cyril Ramaphosa

President of South Africa , Cyril Ramaphosa held his second presidential imbizo on Wednesday night, taking questions via calls from area people organisations and therefore the general public.

However, President Ramaphosa was addressing all the quality topics, the top of state ended up replying during a very blunt manner to at least one query, suggesting that South Africans “must expect their rights to be affected”.

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Since the national Covid-19 lockdown started in March during a bid to assist the country prepare for the pandemic that was coming, there are complaints about citizen rights being violated.

The initial “hard” lockdown introduced a ban on alcohol and cigarette sales, caused a curfew and instituted various roadblocks across the country.

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As the country has been eased into lockdown Level 3, the extent 5 conditions of a ban on booze, a curfew and cigarettes are once more in situ .

President Ramaphosa said: “We know, as I’ve said previously, it [the alcohol ban] is an imposition on our rights. We are now during a war. We are during a combat zone and our rights will inadvertently be affected and restricted for our own survival. this is often because we’ve need to protect every life.”

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The president said the govt was simply trying to limit the spread of the virus with all the measures in situ .

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