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New South African Music Style Explodes On TikTok

New South African Music Style Explodes On TikTok
New South African Music Style Explodes On TikTok

It is no secret that the South African music industry may be a constantly evolving melting pot of genres and designs . One such genre that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity is Amapiano, a genre of electronic danceroom music that mixes melodious piano tunes with drum and bass sounds. With local listeners embracing Amapiano, it’s no surprise that it’s also exploded on the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile video, TikTok.

In fact, Amapiano has reached over 73 million views on TikTok, and therefore the local music phenomenon has taken the platform by storm with new and established musicians sharing their hottest tracks with the worldwide community. hebdomadally there’s a replacement Amapiano song trending on the platform and arguably the foremost popular artists on TikTok also are on the Amapiano scene at the instant . This includes artists like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, DJ Sumbody, and Moonchild Sanelly.

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Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok content operations manager, Africa, says that music has always been a special a part of TikTok’s creative DNA, and remains a vehicle for songs and emerging artists to realize exposure and reach a good and varied audience. “TikTok continues to assist grow the local music industry by supporting African music and genres like Amapiano. to market Amapiano specifically, TikTok features a dedicated in-app Amapiano playlist within the sounds page that features new and popular Amapiano music. last , we also launched the TikTok Amapiano page on the discover tab which features popular Amapiano music, artists and an interactive in-app game created to challenge TikTok creators to guess the Amapiano song playing.”

In addition to in-app activities, Sidwaba explains that as a part of its local strategy, TikTok also works directly with Amapiano artists and native record labels to assist promote music on the platform. “We do that through TikTok challenges, searching for songs that have the potential to trend and supply resources to artists to market their music. These resources include adding their songs to TikTok’s playlists, featuring the artists in TikTok banners on the invention and sound page, and promoting TikTok challenges for his or her songs.”

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Amapiano artists are berating on TikTok, one among which is Durbanite, DJ Jashmir, who recently debuted his Amapiano remix of the iPhone ringtone. This sparked the #AmaiPhone challenge which currently has over 6 million views on the app.

Another local artist making waves on TikTok is DJ Maphorisa. Since launching Phoyisa with Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa has gained massive traction on TikTok, with the track amassing 12.9 million views and counting. Other Amapiano songs doing well on the platform include Lorch, Emcimbini, Love You Tonight, Nana Thula and Indaba Kabani.

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Recently, the Amapiano song titled “I Don’t Know”, by upcoming Amapiano artist Xavier, went viral on TikTok everywhere the planet with the #idontknowifiknow challenge which currently sits at 8.4million views. The song had TikTok users create funny memes to the song’s line “I don’t know if i do know but i feel i do know I don’t know”.

Sidwaba explains that it’s viral-potential like this that encourages other artists to make songs on TikTok, hoping they’re going to had best as a trending TikTok challenge. “When a song trends on TikTok, there’s an immediate correlation with the song doing well on other streaming charts on other platforms. it’s safe to mention that TikTok is changing the overall music industry in Africa, and every one over the planet .”

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