Lindiwe Zulu snubs parliamentary budget debate, provides no explanation

Lindiwe Zulu snubs parliamentary budget debate
Lindiwe Zulu snubs parliamentary budget debate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) are furious after Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, did not show up for a parliamentary vote on her department’s proposed 2020/21 budget on Tuesday Bastille Day .

Zulu, who has by no means had a lockdown performance to pat herself on the rear about after several unsavoury incidents (such as having suggested the ladies of South Africa stop crying about gender-based violence), is imagined to have provided no reason for her absence, which has led to the vote within the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) having to be postponed.


Delmaine Christians, NCOP Member for Social Development, said and therefore the remainder of the NCOP were notified that Zulu would be unavailable for the meeting on Monday 13 July, and charged that the minister had “disregarded accountability”.

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“Despite the talk having been on the programme for over every week , Zulu has not provided any reasons for her absence in today’s Parliamentary business,” she said.

“Zulu is among several other Ministers who seem to disregard their accountability to Parliament in terms of Section 92 of the Constitution.”

She voiced her frustration over Zulu’s failure to pitch means the vote has got to be postponed, together with her department desperately wanting to gain a way of budgetary direction after a series of blunders regarding the distribution of social grants to the nation’s most vulnerable people.

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“It is now thanks to Zulu’s snubbing of this critical department debate, the NCOP has got to postpone their business to a later date so as to accommodate the Minister,” said Christians.


It’s not the primary meeting Zulu has missed this month either, with the minister having bunked a get board meeting during which her department’s adjusted budget was presented.

“Earlier this month, Zulu also did not attend the committee meeting on Social Development when her department’s adjusted budget was presented to Members of Parliament.”

Christians said that the Department of Social Development was crucial to the efforts to rescue vulnerable South African’s from the foremost severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic shutdown, and demanded that Zulu explain herself.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has had severe effects on the lives of South Africans. Ministers like Zulu owe the country her time to supply adequate details on what plans her Department has in situ to alleviate the hardships of South Africans set to face challenging months ahead.”

“The Democratic Alliance will continue demanding for the Minister’s accountability within the NCOP and make sure that the provinces we represent during this House are ready to engage Zulu and her department.”

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