Coronavirus: Africa’s virus-free quartet, most impacted nation per region

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Coronavirus: Africa’s virus-free quartet, most impacted nation per region

There are four African countries that have not recorded a case of coronavirus as at midday GMT of April 2. 49 countries have officially recorded cases. The death toll had passed 200 whiles recoveries were also rising.

The region with the highest virus-free countries being southern Africa where Comoros and Lesotho have yet to confirm cases. South Sudan in East Africa and Sao Tome and Principe in Central Africa are also virus-free.

Most impacted nations per region (as of April 2):

The basic records are referenced from the African Union’s Africa Center for Disease Control, Africa CDC we also prioritize tallies from trusted national sources.

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  • Southern Africa = South Africa; 1,505 cases, 9 deaths, 95 recoveries
  • East Africa = Mauritius; 186 cases, 7 deaths, 0 recoveries
  • West Africa = Burkina Faso; 302 cases, 16 deaths, 50 recoveries
  • Central Africa = Cameroon; 509 cases, 8 deaths, 17 recoveries
  • North Africa = Algeria; 1,171 cases, 105 deaths, 62 recoveries

As of April 2; Algeria toppled Egypt to become the most impacted North African country

The classifications are based on where the countries are located especially in the case of countries that belong to two different blocs.

Experts have stressed that it is only a matter of time before these countries likely detect cases even though much of the continent is closing borders to combat spread and improve containment of confirmed cases.

The eight virus-free group comprises the following:

1. Sao Tome and Principe
2. Comoros
3. Lesotho
4. South Sudan

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